Power place

The Hotel Alpensonne in Arosa is located in the middle of the imposing Plessur Alps and offers its guests a unique combination of historical elegance and modern comfort. Formerly used as a sanatorium, the hotel has been restored and rebuilt with great attention to detail to offer its guests an unforgettable stay.


The Hotel Alpensonne is located on the sunny southern slope of Arosa, surrounded by the imposing Plessur Alps. From our spacious sun verandas in the south-facing rooms you can enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and relax on our high-quality loungers. The fresh mountain air and pleasant climate provide relaxation and well-being.


The architecture of the Alpensonne Hotel is inspired by the natural environment, which was once decisive for the construction of the sanatorium. Here the theme of water, air, sun and climate continues, with the use of materials that are equally original and natural. Stones that come from the region, glass that reflects the clear air, as well as warm fabrics that give warmth like the sun and wood that thrives best in this climate. Inside and outside, these materials are harmoniously matched, creating an environment that reflects the beauty and simplicity of nature.


The Hotel Alpensonne in Arosa has a long history dating back to 1914. At that time, Mr. Tropitsch, a former tuberculosis patient from Dresden, had regained his strength in Arosa and decided to build a hotel here. Already from the beginning all guest rooms were equipped with hot and cold water, which was a sensation at that time and could not be found in any other hotel in Arosa. Over the years, the hotel has been expanded and modernized several times, but the family atmosphere and personal attention to guests have always remained. Today, the Hotel Alpensonne presents itself as a charming and traditional house that reflects the history of Arosa.